Kalvatin™ Dermal Spray and Dermal Gel

From deep in the icy waters of the North Atlantic comes a breakthrough technology in the relief of veterinary dermal health issues.  Similar to Kalvatin dental products, Kalvatin Dermal Spray and Dermal Gel are free of synthetic chemicals and use a powerful cold-adapted marine enzyme that works with an animal’s own natural defenses to cleave necrotic tissue, reduce inflammation, and create an active barrier to reduce microbial adhesion to wounds and dermatitis while exfoliating and moistening the skin to reduce itching, scratching and chewing of the affected area.

Kalvatin is a trusted, veterinarian-recommended product that helps owners easily and effectively take control of their pet’s dermal health.  Kalvatin was featured as a top 10 new technology at the NAVC, AVMA and Western Veterinary Conferences. 

Healthier skin with less itching

For skin relief, twice a day spray a thin layer of Kalvatin™ Dermal Spray or apply a thin layer of Kalvatin™ Dermal Gel topically on affected regions. Consult your veterinarian and see product packaging for complete information.

  • Bacterial Pyoderma
  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Pododermatitis
  • Cracked Pads & Noses
  • Post-Operative Incisions
  • Abrasions & Lacerations
  • Itching & Burns
  • Redness & Inflammation

Acute Dermatitis - Canine Hotspot - 7 Day Treatment 2x Daily